Everybody should have been an astronaut !!

... Word !

And finally ... Here's the final part of this breathtaking saga !! Aka Part three - Aka , today's doings !!

A new addition to my ever so wonderful collection of "One shots" ! Straight down from the Swedish Capital , Mr.Saku came down for a forearm piece ... His kids in space !! Why not , right ! Here's how it all happened at the shop today !

You know the drill >>> Red for me ... B B Black for Mr.Saku !

and 4 and a half hours later ... The finished produce of a hard day's work !! Congrats !!

So pretty colours !!

Hope you enjoyed this tattoo triple trip through time and space itself !! Now if you don't mind ... My bed is screaming my name and who am I to refuse its attention !!

More tattoo madness tomorrow !! Checka checka check it out tomorrow yo !! Until then ... Good night to all !

ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz z z z z z


Shelltoon said...

Maaan I love your work and process...

igl said...


ZAK said...

Thanks a bunch, buddy. Back home with my crazy-colored popeye arm.
Would be really cool to meet up in Hong Kong. We'll how the plans turn out.

ZAK said...

It hasn't even been a week and the piece is almost totally healed! Unreal! You are the David Copperfield of tattoos! (not the model molester, the magician I mean..)