The Hangout !

Behold ... Fateful Plog-followers >>>> Yesterday's day's doings galore ...

A new name rises to the top !! A new name to remember !! A new name to insult all of us who actually feel pain !! A new SUPER TROOPER to be counted among the few !! That's right ! This homie smiled in the face of terror for 9 hours yesterday !! Damn him !! Left the shop at 2:30 ! I would have quit way before that in normal times but moving soon and being able to finish this one + the fact that this homie doesn't appear to feel pain just made me go go go till it was all done !! So it's official ... It's done ! Touched up and all ! The sad thing is I probably won't be able to get a good shot of this till Summer but hey , at least it's done ! Done ... And even if it might be hard to see on these bloody , shiny shots , very sweet indeed !! Have a look !! First the Hangout , inside , what we started the day with ...

You know the drill >>>>> Red for me/Black for Mr.Super Trooper >>> + final !

And here's the day's worth !!

Rock !! Congrats buddy !

Now ... If you don't mind ... No tattoo talk until I start another week at the office on Thursday !

P.s. The last post (yes , I got a lot of questions about it) was about the current score of the struggle for half of America to get some kind of public healthcare (the foundation of any modern civilized state in my personal opinion) against the will of the other half who are obviously too wealthy to care about the less fortunate and would rather not have to pay for it !!

You can think what you want about it , really !! Any exchange of opinion and difference in view is very healthy for any modern civilized democracy ! But showing up for debates about healthcare across the country's city halls with automatic rifles is retarded !!!!

Stay civilized !!


Simon said...

pure Awesomness! props to you both for beeing at it for 9h!!!

Simon Gabriel said...
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Simon Gabriel said...

Hey EPK, Thanks for a nice session, it looks soo f***ing awesome!

And thanks for finishing it all up that damn quick, you really know your Kong fu! I'm truly grateful.

Have a nice trip to Hong Kong

Il most likely be seeing you down there, so save some chicks for me (;

Anonymous said...

hey, the Land of the Scot kidnapped me for an extra week... Popcorn and doom sometime this coming weekend?

Unknown said...

9 hours... pure sickness mate! looks pretty damn sweet also!