ACAB ...

the day's doings !!

4 hours of colour and almost done !! Next month for a final round and this one will be good to go !! We managed a lot today ! I first thought we could finish it up but , it's hard to quote time on pieces like these ! No worries ... We'll manage to finish this one too before I'm outta here !! So keep an eye out for this half sleeve all done in a bit less than a month !!

Been tattooing way too much lately ! Like way way too much !! But I'm still good to go and that's a good thing cuz I got me a month left like this of crazy tattoo action before I'm outta here !! The ends keep me going !! But I must warn you , dearest Plog followers of the interwebs , if them tattoos is what you like to see here ... Feast your eyes while you still can cuz as soon as I'm outta here , the plan is to do as little tattooing as humanly possible for a nice few months break !!! There will be more pictures ... More much more doodles ... Much much more book making but definitely less tattooing !!! Man needs a break ! So enjoy this month , tattoo lovers ... !

Stay real !!

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