From top to bottom !!

Some more of that tattoo thing !!!

Another one in the bank !! Ka-ching !!!

Yesterday's tat-doings indeed !! My homie came down from the GBG yesterday for a final wrap up on his angel "no nudity" sleeve !! And that's exactly what happened ! One last round for the inside of the arm as soon as I get back , this Summer !! But all else is done , done and done !! Looks good !! This sleeve was one of those pieces who just changed every time we had a session and it just grew and grew , always changing ! finally ... Looks damn perfect ! Good job , buddy !!!

Hope you got other tattoo plans buddy , always nice to have you over !

NO tattooing tomorrow !!!!!!!!! I think I'll just never get outta bed ... Just skip the day altogether if it's all the same to ya ! Sounds pretty damn cool to me right now !! Some doodles perhaps , in the few days to come ... Between two boxes !

And hey ! Congrats again buddy !!!


De Hoed said...

really really awesome!

Shaky said...

Thank you nick! and yea i have some more plans.... pirate or transformer... or mabe even cthulhu.

Have fun!