Space wisdom ...

Busy busy busy !! As usual !

In the last few days ... Much doodling has been started , yet none really finished yet !

So I guess you'll just have to wait a bit longer to see some of that doodle action !! The next few days are "working at the office" days , so keep an eye out for some tattoo action to come !! And who knows ... Might even find time to finish some illustration too !! Got a new deadline for the gallery !! I'm getting a wall to myself on the 16th this month so I better get crackin' and make sure I gots what it takes to fill it up right !

Also in the news >>>>> As soon as I can find a second this week , I'll write down and explain the new rules for the tattoo requests !! Essentially the same ... But a bit different !

Until I find time to produce some more bloggable material ... Stay fresh , keep your fancy striped socks that say stuff like "pow" on and hang on to something heavy cuz ... Winter is officially here and my weather machine is def. not in order to fix any of that until I get it all repaired which might take at least until Spring !

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