Grey town !

Winter time in Copenhagen town explains perfectly well why the Vikings did everything they could to find new places to live !! 3 hours of grey rainy "daylight" , a day for 2 weeks straight now ... Is getting to me !! Don't get me wrong !! I'm totally cool with the grey cloudy skies !! It's the 11 to 3 daylight thing which is starting to piss me off !! No worries ... I shouldn't complain , I've got one month left to deal with !!

Back at the office tomorrow for another 4 days of extreme tatttttt-Zappings ! Until then ... I've changed some stuff around on the shop !! Have a look and let me know if you have any questions at all !!!

P.s. Doodled a bit today !! Will try to find time this week to scan and post some dirty dra-wer-rings for ya !!!

Plog ya later !

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Dark water...