Soft ...

Here's the day's tattings !!

Dirty greens and pink >>> Always a rockin' match !!

A few hours today ... And a few more in a few weeks and this one'll be all done and wrapped up and ready to rock'n roll or whatever else it is it wants to be ready to do ... Yep !! 2 more days at the office , next on the list !! 2 sleeves ... Maybe even a finished one !!!! Been finishing so many pieces lately !

Also ... Sorry about yesterday's outburst of hate !!! As much as I can usually always enjoy a spontaneous day off ... Now is probably the worst time to not show up and not tell me !!!!!!!!!! So if you got a date with me in the next few weeks and are planning to not show up , let me know 2 days before if you like the idea of a possibility of one day being able to show up again !!

Stay street !!


Anonymous said...

Dam broski, Gettin all gangsta on your clients/followers. HAHA!

igl said...

the pink cat- detector detectet a pink cat on the roof, ha you have to pay now the pink cat- tax for detection !