San Francisconation >>>>

Behold , ladies and gentlemen Plog readers of the known universe ... I had previously warned ya ... It was only a matter of time !!! Grab on to something steady and don't let go till the fat lady sings !!!

Here's an analog orgy of 35mm Photographic heaviness !! A selection from 4 different rolls , 10 different days , 5 different hoods , 1 Canon , 1 city (Yes , the one in the title !) Just thought I'd mix them all up and give it all at once ... So ... Hope you guys can tell which ones are cross-processed slide films and which ones are normal negatives (In this case - Provia 160 from Kodak) ... Here we go go ... San Francisco co >>>>>

Glorious !!

More stuff tomorrow !!! Oh ! And some pretty sweet big news too !!! Stay tuned for that and some more random Plog action and don't forget to keep it hella-real out there !!

Rock !


Unknown said...

Total greatness, I love those shots, especially the cross processed ones. Keep´em coming.

Will be by this week for you to tjeck the robot for touch-ups and photos.

A.Mictlan said...

ick.. sushi boat, but it was TOO much fun!