Dutch-o-rama !

Too much to blog ... Not enough time to blog it in !!!

Here's one of Rotterdam's girls in blue , giving me a ticket for serious Plog delays !!!

Gots 2 days worth of tattoo-action and a whole lot of doodles to post but it'll have to be later !! Now ... I'm off to Pancake street , one last time !! Leaving back to my rainy kingdom island tomorrow ! About time !! I'm getting old I think ... 2 months on the road and I miss my little factory ! Used to go out and about for stretches of 6 months to a year and be fine about it ! Oho !!

More time tonight to rock out with my blog out !!

Until then ... Keep keeping it real , out there !!


Flora Amalie said...

Brunch tomorrow!!!
... where??

De Hoed said...

Maan, whish we had chicks like that on the force :)


Tanane Whitfield said...