International Burmese fire egg day !

I must admit I have been enjoying being back and doing a hella-of a lot of nothing very productive in the last few days !! It's all good !! Had all these new ideas for new projects and lots of old ones were waiting for me also and ... and ... Well I guess I'm taking it slow !! Lots of organizing has taken place though ... Just nothing artistically productive ! But if I know myself by now , the production rush should start in the days to come !!

For all of you who wanted to come down for a chat , to tell me how much you missed me or just to hang out and have some sweet sweet awesome coffee done by none other then myself , I'll be back at the shop on Thursday ... As usual ... From 2 till late !

And now to get serious ... Here's a little doodle from the R'dam >>>>> Just to illustrate this post but you should know , it has absolutely nothing to do with the infamous Burmese fire egg day , the awesome fact that I can't wait to go and see District 9 soon , the way and/or the reason why the Earth spins or any such like subjects however , perhaps a new Heidi fetish !! Who knows ??

Another page from the last sketchbook !!

So ... Work work work soon = Post post post just as soon !! So Plog ya later with loads of new stuff in the days to come and incredible new adventures !! That's right !! I got a few more incredible adventures left in my bag of incredible adventures , before the year is over !! How incredible !!!!

Take care and happy International Burmese fire egg day !!



Flora Amalie said...

Merry fire egg day to one and all!!

It truly is the happiest of Burmese holidays (you know, until the part where you're set on fire...)

. said...

loving your work!!

Unknown said...