It happens !

A big long day of ... Well ... Not much !

Off to the movies in a minute ! Yep ! You guessed it !! Am going for District 9 again ! This time with Allanski and Yellow pants !! I really tried to not hype it up too much for those two but ... I think I failed !! Oh well !! I know I'll enjoy it !

All day today , I pretty much did some local coffee shop hang-out and then tried to scribble something on a corner of my factory desk ! Yep ! Hopefully ... Tomorrow will be a tad bit more productive ! They say you need days like that ! I just can't stand the productive stagnation !! I guess I'm just crazy ! That's ok though ! I'm fine with it ! No really !

Tomorrow ... Some super spook briefing at station A ! I mist a few while on the road and well the regular update podcasts and direct news feeds are never as good as the official thing (it's the coffee) ! And then ... Maybe a bit of writing at my new favourite bar (Number 3 on the list) !! I'll take a few shots for ya !!

Have a sweet weekend , you guys !!!

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