Autumn falling ...

The day's doings >>>>

From the office of ... D O O M !!! Worked all day (3 hours) on this good old sleeve today !! You know ... The 4 and a half season's one !! We decided today was the day for the armpit to get done !! So yeah !! 3 hours in there was enough , however , buddy aced it just right ! A few beers and a few Advils go a long way !! With no further delay ... Here's what Autumn looks like ... In case you was wondering !!

A bit bloody and as usual , half healed half fresh ! But still you get the basic idea !!

Wow ... That was a long work week !! Now a well deserved ... You guessed it ! Time to hit the pub's bar with the back of my head until whoever working there understands to pour some magic stout in me !!!

Life's simple pleasures !! Until tomorrow ... Stay cool out there !!!

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