Flabbergast !

Hola compaƱeros !!

Been lagging again ... Must be busy !! But I just managed to find a few minutes , just now , to Plog ya silly with some of the last few days' office magic !! True story !!

Yesterday's doings >>>> For your viewing pleasure !!

Once again , I must apologize , I seem to have forgotten all about the red/black marker shot !! Please ... Please find room in your heart to forgive me !! So here's the finished produce ... 2 and a half ours worth !

Music luv'n !! Dono what she's listening to but I can tell ya it def. ain't none o that country folk stuff ... That's fo sho !

Today's tat-grinding session >>>>> A second shot on the in-justice half sleeve !! We had planned 6 hours ... However 2 and a half was all that could be accomplished ! Some times ... These things happen !! Here's a quick shot !! That peachy background is hella-nice indeed !!! More on this one in November !!

Also in the news lately >>>>>>>

I just got my photographic masterpieces from my last trip all developed and looking damn good !! I , once again , seem to have impressed myself with my demigod-like gift for photography !! I was told , that apparently , my black room wizards' lab almost blew up from the sheer awesomeness of the said wonder rolls !!! They have now installed titanium shields to protect themselves , they told me , for the next time I drop by !! True story ! So ... Expect to be dazed by some absolutely awesome super 35mm and 120mm film action in the posts to come !!!

And finally >>>>>

I just saw Neill Blomkamp's masterpiece !! DISTRICT-9 !! I'm really trying not to over hype it or anything but I truly think that it is one of the best movies I have ever seen !! No minuses what so ever !!!! So ... Like I said ... I don't want to over hype it but I will say this ... And this is not a drill !!! But I very seriously think that wherever you are , whatever you're doing , you should absolutely drop everything and run as fast as you can to the nearest theatre and see this absolute masterpiece !!! No really !!!! You're still reading this blog ?? Get outta here !!! Run to the movies !!! Hurry !!!!

P.s. You can be proud Craig !!! This is a true masterpiece like none other !!


art skull tattoo said...

vais le voir cette semaine, peter Jackson " the best"

Simon said...

gotta agree 100% district 9 is an awesome movie! Go watch it!