In a day's work !

Everybody showed up today !!

And that's just perfect !! Today's tattoo day was all about some touch-ups on a piece done in 06 at the Boston convention ! Ended-up re-nipping the whole thing in about an hour and a half so ... Yeah ... Not the biggest work day ever !! However , I got to see an old favourite of yours again and all healed-up wonderfully ! Stuff that comes back many years later and still looks the same as when you did it is absolutely wonderful !! It's like a nice "good work" tap on the back ! And then ... Another all healed up perfectly piece dropped by for some pictures !!! So ... With no more introduction ... Here's all of it in 3D super live vision for your viewing delights !!!

Forgive the not very good shot of the freshly touched-up lion there ... You know how it is !!

More tattoo action at the office tomorrow !!

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