Salad days !!

It's true !!

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrright back at the office today ! Indeed indeed !! And it was great to be back ... 2 months is a long time to be away from my beloved tattoo home and beloved tattoo homies !! We doodled with the magic red and black markers ... We tatted it up ... And we laughed ... Oh we laughed (not all of us laughed though ! Some cried ... But most of us laughed and well ... The others will get over it eventually) ! Today was the "one shot" zombie siren day , which turned out not to be a "one shot" after all but still a zombie siren ... Well ... A zombie siren and friends actually !! We done did all the black all over and will be good to go straight in with some deep grim evil zombie colours on the next session ... Check back in November for more of this little masterpiece !! Until then ... It'll be lines and black for your viewing pleasure !!! Here we go >>>>>>

Red for me ... Black for her !

Just under 4 hours later !!

The high seas will never be the same again !! Beware naive sailors !!!

Stay tuned for more tat-a-matic-retro-reaction-action (long one this time) tomorrow and the day after tomorrow too !! Yeah I know right ... -3 days at the office this week , Nick ?? You must be broke !! And I'll answer : Absolutely !!!! Them bills don't pay themselves and that waiting list won't shrink by itself either !!! So ... Let's get busy !! 4 days next week too ... So , mucho tattoo-o for the weeks to come-o ! I hope you guys are into that sort of stuff !!

Rock !!

P.s. Shop should open asap !

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art skull tattoo said...

ouahh, moi j'ai piqué du piranha zombie ce mois-ci, même delire sous des tropiques diferents, c'est quoi comme poisson chez toi, saumon ou truites zombie ???