Mein Geliebter Käserkrainer ...

... Indeed one of the many things I missed around here !! Here's a few of today's shots ...

Walked about again today ... Found some spots I didn't know about and got to draw a bit too !! Tomorrow , I'm off for a week to go see my buddy Igl in Graz !! Should be fun times ! A bit of tattooing awayts me there too ... So if you were wondering when I was gonna post some tattoos again ... Shortly , is your answer !

Also did a few pages from the sketchbook and here's one of them ... Buddy , here , is getting some heat from his girlfriend !! Don't ask me why . I just draw them !

Tomorrow ... 2 hours of train south/west and another pack of smokes almost entirely smoked in public places !

P.s.They have awesome coffee in Vienna !! I mean , I'm a real coffee snob and everywhere I go , here , it's better than the last place I just came from and that rocks !! However ... Makes me wonder how all these damn Starbucks can survive !! Is there that many Americans still traveling !? Take a chance !! Go to the shady looking , no name place ! It'll make your day !

Keep it real !

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Anonymous said...

Hells yeah, fight the power and screw starbucks!!