Away ...

Farewell to the Alps ! Had a great time !! Once again almost missed my flight !! I'm having bad thought about this damn airport and it's never it's fault !! Vienna international is actually , however pretty old , a very good airport ! Unlike Heathrow ... Who's fault it always is cuz it's just the absolute worst ever airport !! I just always seem to be at the last minute when I have to take off from it !! You know when you're in a plane ... You've been sitting for a while and start wondering what's going on ... The pilot takes the mic and explains that they're waiting for one last person and if they don't show up in the next 5 minutes they're gonna have to find their bag in the luggage compartment and kick it out and that's gonna take an other 10 minutes !! And right when he finishes saying that ... Some dude runs in saying he's really sorry and everybody looks at him bad ! That was me yesterday ! And the last time I flew from Vienna ... Also me !! So sorry for everybody that was on my flight yesterday !! There was an accident on the highway ... It's not my fault !

Enough about flying ... I opened my calendar yesterday for June bookings and the e-mails are flying in !! Did you want a session in June ??

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Flora Amalie said...

Wuuhuu, i'm an e-buddy!!!
And yes, i would like to get an octopus with wings on my finger in june, hihi!
See you not later, traitor!