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Here's the day's worth ! A few hours on this one from a while back ! Some customers , sometimes , unwillingly make you realize how important it is to get along personally at least on some sort of level with them ! I mean ... When you ( the tattooer ) have to spend so much time and energy on some dudes piece and give out so much of yourself to make that piece awesome and original ... You got to have some sort of common ! My work is very personal !! So when I put it in someone for life ... It's just gotta be someone , I , at the very least , connect with on some level !! When I find out later during the project that it isn't the case ... It sucks ! That's also an other of the many advantages illustration has on tattooing !

On an other note ! I got some fancy shots from a photographer today !! I don't want to brag but ... We get people at the shop at least once a week who want to take pictures for a zine or a school project of some sort ! Seems that people still think tattoos are cool ! And well sometimes we say "sure go ahead" and sometimes we say "no" ... Don't really know how that decision process works but that's how it is ! Today I said "Sure go right ahead" And well ... Just got a mail back with some of the shots and they absolutely rock ! Never had such good shots taken of me !

Thank you lots miss Hanne H !

I'm off to T-shirt making land now ! Later !

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Petri said...

Cool as hell!