At the center of the Empire ...

Behold ... The magnificent Wiener Staatsoper ! Operas are always the nicest buildings in a city ! Went every Monday ( cheap standing places night ) back when I lived here ... ! But enough about opera ... I can here the "geek" comments already ! To make it better , I later went to buy some sweet local comics ... Wait ... That doesn't really make it better !! I'm busted ... Branded for life !

But in other news ... Had another crazy day of walking , taking pictures , about 100 coffees while smoking indoors in diverse public places and this time drawing a bunch too ! Filled up a few pages from the sketchbook with some local scenery ( or at least , the way I remembered it when I got back to the hotel ) and some dirty doodles too ( cuz I guess that's what I do !)... Here's a few pages I just shot a minute ago !

Top one from the temporary H.Q. ... This first one of the Vienna airport ... The ladies in red from Austrian air ... I guess I have a bit of a flight attendant fetish ! This second one from a piece of one of the many huge castles that you find pretty much at every street corner ! Last one ... Just some dirty doodles ... Yeah ! I don't know if that's her hand or someone else's ... Don't ask !

Tomorrow ... Most probably more ... It's damn good to finaly have a few days in a row with just drawing , coffee , pictures and then a pint of Guinness or two as a master plan !

Auf Wiedersehen !

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Peter/Camilla said...

Amazing drawings... Need to buy some prints from
you when you get back to cph.

When are you back?