Carny birdie ...

Did a few hours on this carny sleeve today ! Started the colour but as usual ... The pictures where impossible to take so ... This is all you get today ! Bird boy and friends hanging out back the trailers ! I was gonna go all blue-grey on this background at first ! But buddy convinced me he really liked one of my paintings which is pretty much all dirty green and pink ... And well ... I went along with it ! And am pretty happy about it too !! Looks damn good ! More pictures next session !!

Ironic ... I never make carny/freak show pieces ! And by a pure coincidence ... Just finished the final episode of Carnival last night ! ... Shitty ending !

Later !


Anonymous said...

SO fucking nice man!

Anonymous said...

it's awesome, it's the circus freaks sleeve on P. i think...cannot wait to see the finished work, ur art is amazing. I dig it.
Greetings from italy