So yeah...


So like... Don't know if you heard but I got this book coming out soon (RB-1) and it's pretty much the awesomest epicest thing I've ever had the pleasure of doing (no joke... Serious face)!

And well it's coming out in mid November and I've spammed most of you for the last week about Pre-ordering a VIP copy (100 copies available) before they run out completely!!! 

These VIP copies will be the same exact book except I will personally (no robots or clones) be hand numbering, signing and doodling in each of them (100 max)!

So now you know, in case you didn't! This post is to remind you or inform you of this but more importantly it's actually to thank the 72 people who decided to commit to this project and pre-order one of these bad boys!!!

I can't thank you guys enough for the support! I will never forget your e-mail addresses! It makes all this work (one year + the last two months in FFW) worth it just to see people are interested!! You guys rock!!! Expect goodies in the future!!!!

Now here's a doodle I did of "Emma" for the book.... Just so you have something to look at!

So if this is all new information to you... CHECK THIS OUT

However, if this is not... Than here's a bit of a factual sneak peek for you... 

Here's the full and complete list of absolutely awesome collaborators that will be gracing some of the extra pages of this epic mega book:

Uncle Allan
Jesse Smith
Ben Newman
Tom Haubrick
Honkey Kong

Yeah... You read it well... And looking at these awesome pieces I can tell ya that alone is worh the book!!!

Start drooling!!

More soon for my spamming you has not yet ended!!!!

You rock!!

Here's the pre-order VIP count so far:

72 GONE / 28 LEFT

P.s. On a personal note... !! VIVA CHÁVEZ !!


Pontus said...

I just want to tell you how super-excited I am for my copy (nr 28 I think) coming all the way to sweden in november, especially with these totally awesome collaborative artists you just mentioned, theyre all personal favorites of mine! All the positive energy thats coming out of your blog with this project makes it extra fun to be a part of it. I love your work, and thanks for the tattoo in copenhagen this last january (the electric zombie-mummy-lady pulling the lever of the machinery-thing)

thanks! / Pontus

nic said...

you need a "real-time" counter my friend... I'm sure the number's changed quite a bit since your post, especially with those names listed. here's to them all being gone before the week is over!