My Cabxiboat... 182-187

Oh yeah!

It's R R Red Box Wednesday!!!!

I don't want to stress you guys but... This is the before-last one!!! Yeah... I know! This season has to end at some point and well... That's next Wednesday!!! Yeah! Sorry!

But hey it's not over yet!!!! Here's This week's extraordinary 6 new pages for your Red Box weekly session!!!

The guys were finally back together and just reunited with Goodluck... Let's see what happens this week...

PAGE 182
PAGE 183


PAGE 185

PAGE 186-187

EPIC!!!!! That Mongkoko place is crazy!! And who's that Cabxiboat driver dude anyways??? Anyways... Stay tuned for next wednesday's final episode of the season!! I guess... I guess you could call it the season finale!!!

Ok... You know where to go... No need for me to explain this again tonight!!

Stay awesome and as usual... Don't be shy!! Let me know what ya think!!!


igl said...

this is Allen, right ?

The Red Baron said...

I'm blown away Nick! And that Cabxiboat driver reminds me of a certain tattoo'er from CPH..