News from the Front!!!

So like yeah...
I have news for ya about a bunch of stuff, it's true...

Firstly... The RED BOX!!!!!

Thank you so much to the 100 people who pre-ordered the Red Box!!! We sold out about a week ago but wanted to make sure all copies were paid for before we announced it!! Your VIP copies will be extra special, I can promise you that!!! It means so much to me that you guys jumped on this awesomeness from the start!!!! I'll always remember your e-mail addresses for other free-bees and such!!!

Thank you so much for the support!!! You guys rock!!!

You will all get a mail from me when we get the books just to confirm who the books are for and stuff and stuff!!!!

ETA: another 2 to 3 weeks!!!! Add a week to that for me to doodle these sweet copies and at the latest we will ship all of these early December to make sure you get them under your tree in time!!!

Truly can't thank you enough!!!!!!!!!!

Secondly... My FEB-EURO-TAT-2013-TOUR!!!!


Solid jam-packed, to be precise!
Thanks for everyone who made this process quick and efficient!!!

Also thanks to the folks from Denmark who expected me to come over and could come down to Berlin... To the rest of ya, up there, I'll be back around the end of the year fosho!


Stay real!

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