Yeah you bet!!!

First, here's a random doodle for you to have something to look at!

Now let's get down to business... 

I have some more information about my next tattoo destinations and even though not all these dates are exact, they will all happen and if you're interested... You should know about it!


Ok so I still have a few spots left for the end of October and a few in early January here in Hong Kong.
November/December are fully booked.

I will be leaving Hong Kong at the end of January only to return around June so if you want anything from me before June next year, NOW is the time to write to me about it!

I will also bring up my prices here at home in Hong Kong for when I start booking again in June 2013 (new pieces only, of course). I'm not sure about all the details about all that just yet but I have just become way too quick in the last few years and it's time for me to adapt.

Let me know soon if interested: pick@electricpick.com


Will be attending the Cape Town convention on the 25/26/27 of January.
I am not booking anything in advance for this gig... I'll just see how it goes on the spot.
However I will be sticking around town for the following 3 weeks and will be working.
Those spots (8) are open for booking now.

Let me know if interested in some SA tattoo action: pick@electricpick.com


I am also starting to plan my next EURO tour.
Now I don't yet have the exact dates but I do have the places and amount of spots available. So while I figure out the order of this trip and my friend's shops available room and such and such... I just wanted to give you a head's up so you have time to plan!!

So not booking just yet but soon:

most probably 4 spots available

most probably 10 spots available

most probably 5 spots available

most probably 5 spots available

You can write to me to express interest in these dates but I can't book anyone yet since I don't know the order of all this!!!


Ok that's it for today... Got to run!!
Let me know if you have any questions!! 

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ZAK said...

YOU doing a convention???? WTF?? Can you not take a quick turn here in Sweden buddy?
BTW, the book's gonna be awesome, just pre-ordered it. Take care homie!!