Herpes infected, Down syndrome, aids eater... 172-177


              What a week! Running around, all over town... Finishing impossible deadlines... All worth it though... All worth it!

              Check out this week's incredible episode of the Red Box!!! 6 pages for you this week and the beginning of chapter 9... Yes... That's this season's final chapter!!! Don't miss any of these last few Wednesdays... They'll be crucial!!! 

              I can't believe it's been a year already!! Wow!

              So where were we... ? Oh yes... Penelope Purpleton was going to war... And now it looks like we're back with Oliver in Mongkoko!!! Enjoy!

PAGE 172-173

PAGE 174

PAGE 175

PAGE 176

PAGE 177

Oh finally! Finally some good news!!! So glad to see this duo reunited and in one piece again!!!

Good stuff...

Goooood stuff...

Ok got to run... You know where to go to check this out from the beginning... (HERE)

And just incase you never heard about all this madness becoming a solid object in about month's time... HERE's all the info!!!

Got to run...

You rock!!!!

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