A GRAAV MISTAKE... 178-181

Well hello there...

It's Red Box Wednesday again!!!

Had a crazy crazy week this last week!!! Barely had time to eat or sleep! But I made the impossible deadline! And the book is getting sorted as we speak!!! This last weekend was probably one of my lamest birthdays ever but being part of this book printing madness (8am till 1am the next day) was probably one of my longest standing dreams coming through!!! So all is good... Hell of a way to spend a birthday but an awesome thing to be part of! And I couldn't cancel and move back the printing... It would have had to be moved a few days, delaying every other step and pushing back the release date by just enough time to stress me the fuck out with Christmas shipping madness! So yeah... It's all good now!

Here's your Red Box wednesday session... 1 of 3 left ladies and gentlemen... 1 of 3... Don't miss them!

Oliver and Pat had just gotten re-united...

PAGE 178

PAGE 179

PAGE 180

PAGE 181

Well that was weird... I didn't expect Goodluck to come outta there, that's for sure!! Huh! Well... Looks like the party just moved to Mongkoko!!

Go HERE to check out the whole thing from the start!!

Stay tuned for more Red Box awesomeness in the next few Wednesdays as this first season nears the end!!!!!! Don't miss it!!!!!

Gotta run... Again... But it's really nice not to have that much to do for a few days!!!
More tats soon!!!

And Euro tat tour news tomorrow!!!!

Ok ciao!

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