I'm coming for you... 167-171


More Red Box Wednesdayness!!!

5 new and exciting pages for you this week... Now there's not that much text this week so it'll be a pretty brief Red Box session but I managed some pretty epic double pages for you none the less... And some pretty mysterious developments in there too... So yeah... 

Where were we??? Oh yeah, Penelope Purpleton and her army of dapper gentlemen Purpletons were getting ready for war....


PAGE 167

PAGE 168-169

PAGE 170-171

OOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo snappP! Mind blown!!! So they live in blimps it's official!! And I'm pretty sure that's an areal view of Mongkoko down there but like what truly boggles my mind here is... WHY DOES PENELOPE PURPLETON HAVE A TATTOO OF THE RED BOX ON HER BACK??????

Mind blown again!!

This is epic, ladies and gentlemen!!!!


And also happens to be... The last pages of chapter 8! Next week the last and final chapter of this season of the epic saga of awesomeness that is the Red Box starts... Don't get in trouble... Don't miss it!!!!

As always... Go HERE to check the whole thing from the beginning!!!

And in case you didn't know... Go HERE to see what's all the chatting on the interwebs about with this Red Box getting published and all!!

And here's the final pre-order count for today.... Out of 100 VIP fancy special edition copies of the Red Box coming out in November...

80 GONE/ 20 LEFT

Got to run!!!

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That was my mind being blown!!