Poke Poke 124-127

Oh yes! It's Red Box wednesday again!!

Rain or shine... On the road or at home... From every continent and through even the great internet wall of China... The Red Box can't be stopped!!!

I got 4 delicious and long awaited pages for you this week... The beginning of chapter 7 starts here... Prepare to be mind blown once again!!!

Ok enough said... Here's your weekly session... Enjoy and let me know!!!

PAGE 124

PAGE 125

PAGE 126-127

TRIPPY!!!! Glad to see Oliver again but where the hell is he??? Is this a dream? An alternate universe?? Sure is trippy where he's at!!

More next Wednesday!!!

Until then... As usual... Go HERE to start from the beginning and also there (HERE) to shop for page prints!!!

Got to run again... Will post yesterday and today's day's doings asap...

Stay real!


Rich Phipson said...

aaaaah crud! dude! that page just floored me! need that in my life. must. have. original.


Thanks bru!!!

Let's talk bidness when I is back!!