AHA!! Day 1

Yesssss... I'm back to the Blogging world!!

After a painfully long ride over to the old Gweilo lands of Europia... I have officially started my Denmarkian vacation!! Here's the first day's day's doings of that day!!!

Buddy came down from nowhere an hour north of Stockholmtown and was ready to rock!!!
Here's the epic first session of this Copenhagenian adventure!

6 hours in! Colour in Hong Kong!

Definitely a trooper!!!

Ok got to run... Plog ya right back tomorrow!


nic said...

Great to see you zap out some epic work of grand proportions... but is that what you call a vacation?!

Simon said...

this is going to be epicness of unheard proportions! can't wait to see more!

David Finn said...

This is going to be beyond extraordinary