A terrorist threat... 134-136

Aaaaaand... Yessss!

Welcome back to Red Box Wednesday!!!
Here are 3 new unbelievable pages for your weekly session!!!

Oliver was just leaving the trippy Octo-Opto high priestess of Zorghon...

PAGE 134

PAGE 135

PAGE 136

Ooooh snap! This immigration process is becoming a bit of a pain indeed!!!! Poor Oliver!!! And where the hell is Pat??? What will happen next week??? Don't miss Oliver's unbelievable exit from this paranoid administration nightmare!!!!

As per the usual.... Go HERE to check the whole story from the beginning!

Aaaaaand also HERE to shop for prints of these delicious pages!!!

Got to run... More day's doings tomorrow!!!!


Uncle Allan said...


Keiko Fox said...

It's awesome! I really need wall space for some of these prints Mister. Keep it up! :)

Rich Phipson said...

i like how you're drawing from personal experience! ;)