Interspacial Tea 128-133

Oh snap it's Red Box Wednesday again!!!!

I have mastered not 4, not 5 but 6 awesome mind blowing trippy interspacial pages for you this week!! 
Our valiant friend, Oliver, was about to have a mysterious appointment... 

Check em' out and let me know what you think of this unbelievable Red Box Wednesday!!!!

PAGE 128

PAGE 129

PAGE 130

PAGE 131

PAGE 132

PAGE 133

Woah! That's a lot of serious shit to digest!!! That Octo-Opto high priestess of Zorghon is pretty intense too!!! I wonder what she knows about Emma!!! I wonder who and/or what the hell she is too!!!!

More RB awesomeness next Wednesday!!!

Until then, and as usual, you can go check the whole thing from the beginning HERE!

And/or go shop for sweet prints of any page(s) you'd like to own there (HERE) too!!

Ok got to run...
The daily Day's doings marathon continues tomorrow!!!


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