Flying high... DAY 5

A classic!!

It was actually a lot of fun to do this... I'm always worried with stuff that is heavily influenced... I still refuse all reproductions but mixing your lines with a subject that has such a strong artistic personality is not always a sure shot!! This piece however, from the first Red and Black marker lines went surprisingly smoothly and well ended up looking epic...

Have a look!

Loving these "one-shot" half sleeves!!

More tomorrow!

You rock!


importaciones de colombia said...

Admirable,me gusto mucho la mezcla de colores y el diseño en si es muy original.Me encantas tus diseños espero nos sigas deleitando con tus artículos.

art skull tattoo said...

totally agreed !!!!

nic said...

Oh man... I LOVE this personal rendition of yours. Definitely no reproduction involved with this bad boy!