Incoming Migrant's Provisional Approval settlement sector 137-139

So like yeah!!! Hi!!! Been crazy since I landed back home a few days ago but I'm such a smarty pants that I took advantage of my 20 hour poop flight and got you guys 3 new awesome pages!!! Ready to go for this new Red Box Wednesday!!! Hurra!!!

In the days to come, I will be posting a few super awesome special Red Box news posts! So if you happen to be a fan of this epic and mysteriously intriguing saga… You might be interested in these "special RB news posts"!!! Yup! Until then however, here's your weekly session… 3 new and exciting pages indeed! Will Oliver ever make it out of the city's tortuous immigration department??? Let's find out now!!!!

Last time on the Red box… Oliver was confronted with a CCTV device that seemed like a douche but an ok dude too… 

PAGE 137

PAGE 138

PAGE 139

Wow! Our not so fearless hero finally gets a break!! Or did he… ??
Find out next Wednesday for a nothing short than awesome few new pages… Also, these same pages happen to be the end of chapter 7!!!! That's right… How incredibly mystifying…

As per the usual usualness… HERE's where you can check this epic saga from the beginning… And there (HERE) is also where you should go to check out what page(s) you might like to own as a fancy shmancy giclĂ©e print!!

Also… Just so you know… I hope you enjoyed the epic day's doings session I had going on back in Denmarkia… Still got a few to catch you guys up with but when that's over and for the next 2 months, I'm afraid that the day's doings will be very scarce… I've got my work cut out for me for these next 2 months and the day's doings aren't part of it!! There will of course be the occasional one… But if the only thing you're interested in seeing on this here fine-ass Plog is tattoos… you'll be sad till the end of October!   

ok got to run… You ROCK!!!!

More ploggables asap!!!! 

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nic said...

the trap door... the suspense! come on, one more page! isn't it meant to be four???