So like hi!!

Here's day ?'s day's doings… 

Another 2 hour "one shot"!!
Oh and that's not "blue grey" but rather pretty bright turquoise... Just saying!!! Hopefully I'll get some healed shots some time soon!!!

Also in the day's news...

… Was gonna do my last day's doings of this trip today but then that's not gonna happen after all so I realized… That's it… I'm done… My last day's doings was yesterday… I'm leaving in a few days and this is the end of this Denmarkian  summer adventure of 2012… Already! Wen't by pretty quickly actually!!!!

Everything went well and lots of fun was had! Awesome old and new friends traveled to hang too and this sweet little tattoo shop was pretty much packed with awesomeness pretty much all the time!!!

However, working wise, and for no one's fault really but still… This trip has been quite a financial disaster! Not to rant, I think more smaller pieces than usual and/or maybe me being way too fast and/or definitely the local everyday cost of life here has gotten me well in the minus and well… It hurts and I really can't afford it! So I've decided that my next trip over will be my last one working! I'll be back regularly to hang with friends and will try to make it back to Europe for work regularly too but my next trip to Denmark for work, will be my last one (giving it one last round for touch-ups and continuation of pieces)! So yeah! Sorry but I can't keep putting myself in these situations! So if you're from here and want tattoos from me… Book during my next round (sometime in February (not sure of the exact dates just yet)), come to Hong Kong before I quit tattooing there too or else you might have to travel somewhere else around Europe when I come back some time next year!!

Sorry but there's just no way to justify working everyday to come back home broke!!

More Ploggings tomorrow before I fly out again!

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Anonymous said...

hope to catch some ink in HK in my next trip, hopefully end of next year (gotta have to visit tokyo first^^), so please stay tuned this long ;)

the urban warrior