My City Leaves…

The epic city sleeve is done!! Well… Last Monday, that is! But still… It's never too late to show one of these! Really like this mega city piece!! And that giant face!! I need to do more "BIG" stuff in my pieces!! Anyways… Here's the finished product for your viewing pleasures!!


More Ploggables tomorrow!! Yep!

Until then…

If you're in Hong Kong this week… Check this crazy shit out!!! Ashley Wood is in HK to promote something something… The more interesting thing here is that he brought a ton of brand new awesome amazing originals with him and showing them with a bunch of toys at his 3A gig here in town! Just came back from it and straight to the art supply shop for the biggest canvases they had!!!! Absolutely worth the trip! Even in this "early summer" heat and sweat!!

Ok got to run… Got to go help my friend Sarah BB get that giant suitcase full of Hong Kong crap she bought down into her cab outta town! Was great having her over!! Her overflowing constantly positive energy will be missed!!

Ok got to go!

Stay happy out there!

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