Toot Toot!!

All aboard the Star-ferry Dragon-turtle express!!

OMG! It's been a hectic last few days, let me tell ya! Can't get a second to take a break and there's so much more to do!!! There aren't enough hours in one day!

Anyways… I managed to take a minute to post this for ya! Last Friday's day's doings indeed! Buddy Mossman came by for his monthly session! We tried, once again to finish his Fu-Bus half-sleeve but just couldn't… But here's what we managed anyways… The infamous Star-ferry Dragon-turtle! If you live in Hong Kong then you've most definitely seen this guy around the harbour, if not however… Here's what he looks like! Forgive the unfinishedness and the leftover scratches… This whole piece is getting done done next time for sure!!!!!!!!

Also in the news….

1) Last call for Copenhagen deposits…. One last day for the last deposits or I'll have no other choice but to give these spots up!

2) I've also had to add a few more days to that Copenhagen trip so incase the people waiting for people to not pay their deposits to get a spot got tired of waiting… I should still have a few spots left! Let me know…. pick@electricpick.com

3) I am a bit late on my Ploggings (as those of you on Instagram might know) but I should catch up on all my doings and update them here before the end of the week!!! Promise promise!

Ok got to run... More stuff tomorrow!!!!

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