Copenhagen calling...

Ok you, tattoo peoples of the Europes… Here's some calendar news update for 2012!!

I've planned and planned and planned away and with one major thought in mind (that of never wanting to be in Northern Europe in Winter again) I've managed to secure a spot for all you Europeans that might want to get zzzzapped by me this year!

I'll be coming over in August (from the the 4th till the 20th) I've got 10 days open for bookings and starting to book them tomorrow at 0:00 CET (midnight tonight Central European Time)! First come first served and "One-shots" only (4 to 8 hours) unless you can promise a second sitting in Hong Kong in the following months!!!

To apply please send me a mail with:

Your rough idea/estimated size and placement!

Contact me directly with any questions and to set up dates/deposits at: pick@electricpick.com

Ok got to go... Looking forward to see what you guys come up with this time!!

P.s. I do believe these Copenhagen dates are going to go fast since there's only 10 spots so… Don't hesitate if you're interested!!


Anonymous said...

dude get your a** to south america!!!

Mir, Mir on the wall said...

Damn! I'll just miss you, am in Copenhagen in July.