N N Noodles 56-59

Yesssssssssss !! Red Box Wednesday here we go!!!

Here are a few pages for your weekly session (4) one of which is a double... I just wanted to start this new chapter (chapter 5) with a big and fully painted double page!! I think it's my best looking Red Box page so far that's for sure! Anyways... Here we go for this new chapter which will be full of excitement, I do promise!!! Back in the bus and onwards to the city!!!

PAGE 56-57



Delicious!!!! I was hoping for a mega update this Wednesday but sadly I gravely underestimated the time it took to paint these 3! But I'm back at it for next week! This chapter will be full of cool shit and will help understand a lot more what is going on around here so stay tuned for more Red Box, as usual, next Wednesday!

Ok got to run but let me know what you think!!!

You rock!!

Tats tomorrow or Friday!!!

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nic said...

That double page... man, it needs to be framed and hung on a wall somewhere!