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What up??

So yeah... It seems you might have missed a few of my latest day's doings... Sorry! Just really damn busy and sometimes... Well sometimes I just forget! I do my best to try not too forget too often since I know you guys like to see these tats but sometimes well... I just skip one or two! Eventually however, you do get to see them all! Anyways... Here's my latest session on the Yellow Submarine half-sleeve... We did a few hours in the pit and one last session should get this sweet piece completed completely!! Have a look for yourselves... Sorry for the not so awesome shots but yeah... You know how that goes...

There should be gradually more and more tattoo shots back on the Plog in the weeks to come as I am starting to book up my calendar!

In other news... If you happen to be in the general Taiwan area... Here's the latest issue of TATTOO BURST TAIWAN with a few pages about me! I suspect it to be the same as the Japanese Burst issue simply translated in Mandarin!

And finally... There's this brand new thing around! You most probably have never heard of this since it's only 2 days old and was completely unheard of before since it didn't exist until 2 days ago... It's called the "Instagram"... Yep! Just came out a few days ago and it's pretty cool! And well if you're down with brand new tech-shit that didn't exist before 2 days ago and have A) an awesome deal on your phone data plan, B) a battery that lasts forever and C) nothing better to do... Go check it out it's pretty cool and I'm on it... Until I get sick of it in the not so distant future!!


Later skaters!!!

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