The investors were pleased...

Indeed... After a long leave of absence, buddy Godwin got right back into the chair and this is what we did... We wrapped up the "Riding the market" lower arm piece from last year! That was last Saturday, by the way... Just in case you're not on the Instagrams yet and haven't followed the process live (@ephk)... So yeah! Last Saturday's day's doings for ya!

The 3D rabbit's 3rd quarter shareholder's meeting went rather well! Everyone was pleased with the projected profit outcome for Q4 (see Power point presentation with pie charts and graphs) and the crustless carrot sandwiches at the lunch buffet were a huge hit!

More tats tomorrow!!! That's right, and If you follow me on the "Instagrams", you most probably know already which piece I'm showing... VIP!!!

Ok ok got to go but before I run...

I still have a few spots available for my AUGUST trip to COPENHAGEN!! Let me know!


Ok ciao!

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