Y to the ellow to the P to the ants!!

(that's for "Yellow Pants")

So... I'm sorry but I have no other choice, none other than to interrupt your regular day's doings catching up posts with this special day's doings event!!! You guys are a few days late, you see, and I've been struggling to get you back up to date! Today, however I bump this one in line! Cuz here's what happened today >>>>

I finally got to scar Yellow Pants more for real! Not that the last time was not for real, this time was just more for real!!! We'd been talking about this piece for a few years now too so it's pretty damn nice to get to see it all done and pretty!!! We doodled, and doodled again... We even yoga-doodled and managed to fill the spot perfectly! Then while some (I won't give any names here) were best friends with the Bactine bottle, others managed a pretty damn sweet "one-shot" if I may say so myself!! A first in many ways too!!!! First "indian" chick (I am surprised) but also first dream catcher too! Check it out... She's fishing for dreams... Get it???

Complete with original Yellow Pants, freckles, spirit animal and reference specific designer heals!!!

What more could ya ask for!?!?

More tomorrow!! - What? Still more tomorrow??? You're completely crazy Nick!!!! -Yep! That's why they call me loco!!! You know what that means?? I'll tell you next time!!

Stay awesome out there!

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