Good luck and Goodluck 16+/17

It's that time of the week again...

I can't wait to see the stats this week after last week's mega record busting!!
I also don't really know how I managed to pump out these two pages in time... But I did! It is so much work doing this and very hard to keep up with the weekly deadline but I've managed alright so far!

Here's your weekly dose of The RED BOX >>>

PAGE 16+


More still more of my days doings again tomorrow!!! Incredible!


Flora Amalie said...

I did not see Oliver D. Pumpernickel coming! But i like it!

ROB KELLY said...

Buddy has a name!!!!

Alice M said...

Hey mate! I'm checking in your blog a little now and then and must say I love this red-box-series-thing!

/Dennis in Göteborg

skywalker said...

bet if you die-cut goodluck jensens' briefcase he's packing heat for sure!!