The Alche-cat

Day's doings for you...

... Once again with the worse possible pictures humanly possible! This piece is so much nicer in real life... No really!!! Anyways... Here's the Alche-cat >>>

Also included in this Blog post: Today's Copenhagentown weather report!!

With a steady "always in your face" strong horizontal wind and the usual midday dark grey setting, winter has just stepped it up a notch and decided to take the piss today! It's been raining a even mix of wet snow, freezing rain and diarrhea... You heard me! It's pretty gross actually! I saw it with my own eyes... Children covered in liquid poop, crying and running for cover! This place is damned!!! Damned I tell you!!!

Hopefully this shit storm won't last till the end of the month... Hopefully!

More tomorrow!

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