3 things for you today!!

1- I have taken for granted the fact that everyone knows this but I've realized I do have a few new customers this time around so... For those concerned:

Show up for your session at 2PM (unless specially arranged in advance cuz you're traveling from far away)

The shop is located at:

Conspiracy Inc.
Schleppegrellsgade 7
2200 KĂžbenhavn N

Phone: (+45) 33 36 22 77

And if you need any other info about anything Conspiracy related check this out!

2- I did bring a few prints with me to Denmarkia! So if any of you who got a spot or didn't were interested in any such framables... Don't hesitate to ask!

I have a few Mandy Mohawk prints in both A2 and A3 and also a few A3s from my last 2009 batch too!

3-And finally, your tat-doing visuals of the day!

This sleeve had been started about 4 to 5 years ago and we just got it done this week! So it's on oldie but at the same time a definite classic!!! When such an epic sleeve is finally completed after such a long time, it's always nice to sit back and just look at it for a while! One more for the collection!

So here's what it looked like after a few hours of touch-ups here and there and some missing bit there too!

Oh and before I forget...

I can not express how happy I am to see that the RED BOX posts are getting so much traffic! Yesterday's broke a never before seen record!! And here I was thinking all you cared about was this tattoo thing!!

You rock!

Plog ya again tomorrow!

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