Gummies in space?

... Why not?

Here's day two's day's doings!!

Completing the forearm from last year's gummy piece!! More going up on this arm in a few weeks!!!

Also in the news...

Just got to check this one out!! Britain's Tattoo Revolution zine from last November with some me time in it!! Makes me sound a bit more like a douche than I actually am but I'm totally fine with that and if you don't have the internet... They got some of my very last pieces from the Hong Kong!!

I'll also be in the next Tattoo Burst Japan and Tattoo burst Taiwan so check those out if you're in those respective hoods!!!

Ok got to go... Catch ya on the flip side (tomorrow)!


nic said...

I like how because of the time difference, I can always wake up in the morning and find a new piece from you posted on here :)

Equally awesome is the fact that your Tattoo Revolution cover lists Hong Kong under your name!

Keep warm buddy!

frank said...

love the gummy bears and i bought that issue cause you were in it! love yer work