Harrison and the Nexus-6

More of these day's doings catching ups for you...

Today... An awesome new "one-shot" but also... My ultimate homage to this classic of all films!! Check this one out!!!! My latest pride and joy... For all the geeks and lovers of awesomeness out there... Here's my Blade runner piece >>>>

I've done many BR inspired pieces over the years but never an actual real Blade Runner one!! Wrapped around in just a few hours! The iconic Pris, complete with the Blade Runner himself, Flying radio cars and as much of this future LA as I could fit!!! This piece completes the arm from last year's Mutant attack piece!!! What a lower sleeve!!!!

Ok ok... Got to run already!

More tomorrow!!

Beware of Replicants!!

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Urban Warrior said...

The total cyberpunk experience! Luv this one!