DAMN you, Lovemore Christmas !!!

DAMN you !!!

Ok ok ... Sorry !
Have been looking for a flat in Copenhagen for 2 months now ... Yep ! It sucks , I don't remember the last time I've had such a fruitless endeavour and I'm really missing Hong Kong now ! 2 months of no replies , 2 months of wasted time searching the net ... Until today ! I thought my luck had finally changed , that I would finally be allowed to return to the rainy island kingdom ! Finally a reply ! But something was wrong !! I used my super secret spy skills and double checked a hunch ... Turned out to be a fake ! Then another replied ... Also a fake ! Mailed my spy buddies at "Echelon" and apparently these have been on the rise lately !! Official name in the busyness happens to be "the Nigerian rental scam" so yeah !!! DAMN you Nigerian Rental Scammer ... DAMN you for getting my hopes up for nothing and posting fake flats !!!! Now ... Back to zero for me ! Double sucks !!

No worries to all the good people who have booked up August and September ... I haven't given up just yet !! I still have a month left !! If worst comes to worst I might have to push all your appointments back a bit but we're not there yet !

Wish me luck !

P.s. You ever hear of anything ... Let me know !

*Old sketchbook doodle from 05 in Berlin ... Thought the houses fit the theme of the day.


Lovemore Christmas said...

It wasn't me I swear, I've been tied up with my "buy these world cup tickets from me i can't go to the game cos my sister is ill and I need the money to get her to a doctor" scam. It's good money so I'm sticking to it for now....

ZAK said...


Simon said...

damn the car buying scammers too! Getting my hopes up for no reason :(

gl for finding an appartement :)

Allen said...

Good lucky dude~~~