At large ...

Still alive just busy !

Here I was , Friday morning thinking ... No tattoo work for a week ... hah ! Plenty of time to work on book stuff and prepare for my departure stuff !! Until I got woken up by my buddy Luke (the Jedi knight from Australialand guy) saying he was good to go now !!! That never happens !! Me screwing up my calendar dates ?? Never ! But then again ... He is a Jedi , after all ! So I suspect him of pulling a Jedi mind trick on me and changing my calendar with his mental Jedi powers cuz when I checked my calendar just to be sure ... He just so happened to be right ! Today was the day ! So yeah ... There's no other explanation really ... Damn them Jedi !

So forgive me for disappearing but I've been crazy tattooing them crazy Aussies again for the last two days with no time to blog !!! One more to go tomorrow and I'll have a bunch of tattoo posts for yall !!! Damn good one's too !

Also in the news ... Answers to some questions asked rather frequently as of late (I believe the kids call it "FAQ" nowadays)

(to a bunch of people)
- I'm still in Hong Kong (which is in China not in Tokyo (Tokyo being a city in Japan not a country)) and will be back in Europe in 2 weeks however will remain out of reach from everyone until I resurface , back in Copenhagen around the 15th of July ! Will however still be unavailable for work or anything related to work until the first week of August , when I will , once more , resume my Conspiracy duties at once !!

(to Rob and Nic)
- Yes ! My new baby is totally awesome and just got connected to my new new baby that I just finally got today !!!!!!!!!! This subject will get a post of its own as soon as the tattooing is out of the way !!!!!

(to Michael B)
- And no ! Not anymore !! I use to but stopped drawing for tattoos about 3 or maybe 4 years ago ! I never really did it for me but for the customers and just didn't have the time for it anymore ! So I just stopped one day and told everybody I wouldn't draw before the tattoos anymore ! I expected a lot of hating but to my surprise , everyone was fine with it !

So now I just get a basic idea from the customer and go crazy with it on the day ! Some people are more precise with their ideas than most but the only drawing is the Red and Black marker lines before we start and whether a "one shot" or a sleeve , the marker sketch is always wrapped up within an hour and 99% are always good to go with my first draft !!

Plog ya with some funky HK tattooings asap !!


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nic said...

Your new babies are HOT... just make sure there's some left over before you leave for some camera wars around the battlefields of HK ok?

Michael Brito said...

cool man...thanks for the answer. there is no way i would be able to get away with that with my clients, but i'm always stressing about having drawings ready and i get annoyed because i don't have anytime for my personal steez...maybe i just need to draw the line like you.