As promised ... A little late but never too late ... Last Thursday's tatzzzappings , today !

This time my customer of the day came all the way from the Alpine lands of Switzerland , land of fashionable timepieces and never ending National Service (Third after Israel and North Korea) all the way to Hong Kong for his first session on a new piece !! I admire the dedication , yes I do !!! We met , pondered for a moment and tattooed the day away ! Here's the story ... This young man is about to start a one year , around the world trip (so jealous) and well , wanted a piece (a half sleeve) to symbolize this so ... He asked me for "Something to do with traveling" !! After a few minutes of brain storming ... This is what I came up with >>>>>

Red for Simon from Switzerland / Black for me ... (Yellow also here ... Just to get the first proportions right , ya know? It happens sometimes)

And here it is after all the lines and black !!

Let me explain ... She is the North ! His guide in all situations ... Watching over his route and there when he gets lost ! Simon from Switzerland coming from the same hemisphere as myself , we both quickly agreed to have her be the North ! (us people use the North to guide us on our travels) ! The blimp is his ship (airships are just great) and the earth will eventually be all awesome and stuff with clouds and so on !! Went and had a bit of fun with the space swirly stuff things and did go a bit crazy with the North's compass head too !!

Can't wait to have it all coloured in , on the last week of August in Copenhagen ... Just before Simon from Switzerland starts his super trip !!!

Tomorrow's another tattoo day ! Apart from that ... Every other day is pretty much a book making day !!!
Godspeed !

P.s. Thanks for all the feedback from the "Plagiarism" post !! It's nice to have people's opinions ! In this case all pretty much agreed but never hesitate to let me know what you think even when you don't agree !! I'm starting to try to find time to answer more comments lately ! So bring 'em on ! And stay awesome !!!


art skull tattoo said...

good idea about the north girl, may be one day you will tattoo the south girl on me, even I come from the north, south hemispher girls are also pretty too and what about my first totally english comment, see ya and stay on the south hemispher way buddy !!!!

Ben Newman said...

damn, I missed the plagarism post...what a massive tool that guy must be...there is only one Pick!

Anonymous said...

Nice Job. Cant wait to talk to you in Copenhagen.



chris said...

very cool

Michael Brito said...

i don't know how many times i can tell you that your shit is dope and thanks for sharing it bro!

quick question about your process (if you got a minute)...do you have a sketch ready for when the client comes in and then draw it on them with marker? or does the client come in and tell you what they want and you just start drawing right there on the spot?