One camera to rule them all !!!

Good day good day !

Just a quick post to show you my new prides and joys (I must) !!! I'll skip the part where I overhype and explain in detail how this camera (Canon EOS-1V) is the best ever camera ever made by mankind ever in the universe ever (ever) and how after testing 3 rolls on it I have absolutely nothing bad to say about it (nothing at all) !!! It's an amazing achievement ... To think that humanity can produce such a ingenious device of pure perfection !! No kidding !! I've had dreams about this baby for a few years now and it's even better than I thought !! And then ... I got me a 35/350 canon lens too !!! Only in Hong Kong could I afford such awesomeness !!! I'm the happiest Analog-Photo-Geek ever !! Here are a few shots ...

This one next to my good old "RG" to show the size difference !!

Ok ok ok ... Enough bragging ! Just really happy about this (obviously) !!

I'm now gonna either look like a super pro reporter/paparazzi or like a spoiled rich kid ! Either way ... I'll avoid the sketchier alleys of certain cities ... Also cuz it's impossible to run with these two ... Very very heavy !!

More awesomeness soon !!! + Monday's a tattoo day !
Rock !


Lovemore Jonathan said...

if u ever happen to find u'rself in one of those alleys in the beautiful city of Johannesburg AKA Jozi' AKA Jo'burg, try keep that bad boy hidden!

Michelle Hilden said...